•   The Operational staff present at the dormitories are responsible for the following areas:

          o    General cleanliness of the public spaces in the dormitories including:

* Bathrooms
* Corridors
* Stairwells
* Kitchens
* Dining Hall
* Common area for Recreational Activities

o    Security of the facilities 

                    * Turnstiles located at the entrances
                    * Workers’ Access Passes
                    * Maintaining general security of the facilities, i.e. ensuring only residents of the dormitories is allowed in, etc.

          o    Regular security/health exercises

* Fire drills
* Fumigation exercises

o     Briefing

          * The Operation will brief them on the house rules and we have set up a demerit point system for the workers, Electrical  products are
             screened and inspected upon reaching the guard house; any additional electrical products to be place in the rooms would have to be
             approved by our operation executives. 

•   The administrative staffs stationed at the Head Office (51 Soon Lee Road) are responsible for the following areas:

o    Accounts – Billing, Invoicing, etc
o    Marketing – Room Availability, issuing of management contracts, etc.
o    Executing and improving our standard of procedures in order to sharpen the implementation and execution of our dormitory operations